Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Weekend Writing Warriors

It's Sunday, and that means another round of Weekend Writing Warriors, and another eight sentences from my WiP, Finding Rupert. It's Sunday for my characters too, but not necessarily a day of rest for all of them:


Sunday 2nd July 1978
Edward breezed into Linda's kitchen just as she was making a pot of tea for herself and Brigit.

"Don't you ever knock?" There was no humour in Brigit's voice, and Linda wondered just what Edward had said that had flattened her mood the previous Sunday. Whatever had passed between them then, Linda had borne the brunt of Brigit's disapproval – Edward having made himself scarce – up until Wednesday. Then Brigit had arrived at the old mill on the stroke of one, bearing shop-bought cakes from a bakery in Wirksworth, and apparently determined not to mention whatever was bothering her again.

"Don't bother pouring a cup for me," Edward said. "We'll have to be off soon."



To see what the others have been writing, go over there and give folks some comment-love.
Tags: blog hop, finding rupert, weekend writing warriors, work in progress
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