Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Short Sunday Visit to Matlock Bath Part One

July already! So the Sunday before last, I delayed my journey home until the sun seemed to be coming out in order to try and do some photo research/journalling in Matlock Bath. Inevitably this also meant my explorations were a little rushed, but I pretty much tracked down everything I needed.

I parked at the station:
Matlock Bath 230613 (43)

And then walked all the way through town in search of the former (and hopefully eventually to be resurrected) New Bath Hotel.

The sign's still there, and there was nothing to stop me from crossing the main road and making my way up the sweeping drive:
Matlock Bath 230613 (1) Matlock Bath 230613 (2) Matlock Bath 230613 (3)

Having given a wave an a cheery hello to the security guard, I decided not to get too close, but to get in a good selection of external shots.

It's not in bad condition, so hopefully someone will take it on soon:
Matlock Bath 230613 (4) Matlock Bath 230613 (10)

Then I turned and made my way back into the town:
Matlock Bath 230613 (13) Matlock Bath 230613 (14)

Matlock Bath 230613 (15) Matlock Bath 230613 (16)

The Fishpond is a smart-looking pub, but doesn't quite fit my plotting plans.

One of the two in the middle of this row, however, may suit:
Matlock Bath 230613 (17)

So that was the first half of my walk. More to follow in Part Two...
Tags: architectural heritage, fake history project, on writing, out and about, photos, real life, searching for julia
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