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Old Sarum on a Sunny Saturday Part One

Last Saturday I was tempted away from doing sensible stuff around the house by an email from English Heritage inviting people to visit three reconstructed neolithic dwellings at Old Sarum. It being my last chance to see the dwellings before they are dismantled ready to be rebuilt at the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre when that opens at the end of 2013, I hurried myself over there.

The buildings were on a hillside a little way down from the castle, and overlooking a field of happy outdoor pigs:
Old Sarum 290613 (1)

The buildings were based on three of the late Neolithic houses excavated at Durrington Walls near Stonehenge and constructed by a group of volunteers and experimental archaeologists over a six week period, using a variety of technique in order to establish which worked. Hence various bits of the roofs don't quite match each other:
Old Sarum 290613 (2) Old Sarum 290613 (3) Old Sarum 290613 (6)

Also on display were a variety of lithic technologies and a flintnapping demonstration by Karl Lee and his able assistant:
Old Sarum 290613 (4) Old Sarum 290613 (5)

The smaller of the two skins on which the tools were laid out had previously belonged to Alfie the goat who had been very friendly and very tasty, as well as possessing enough brains to tan his own hide. Naturally the hide had been prepared prior to tanning using flint tools.

Having seen everything on that part of the site, I then walked back through the car park, and onwards to the castle:
Old Sarum 290613 (8)

But more on that another day...

To watch a video on the building of the houses, go to this site, and scroll down to the bottom. The houses also have a blog.
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