Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Weekend Writing Warriors

It's Sunday, and that means another round of Weekend Writing Warriors, and I'm back to working on my WiP, where young Rupert has gone to the library in his ancestral home to find out more about his namesake. But first he has to find out which books are where:


Spread out on one table were a children's illustrated bible, two colour guides to English churches – open to show particularly detailed photographs of stained glass windows – and a number of old postcards bought from various nearby villages. The theme became clear as Rupert studied the postcards; somewhere on each of them, either as the main picture or as part of a montage, was a well dressing. Grandmama organised the well dressings on the estate every year; presumably she was trying to decide on a theme for their latest creations.

I can help with that, Rupert thought, turning to a blank page in his sketchbook. Something pastoral, but also biblical.

He studied the postcards again, and got an idea of the general shape of the board that people would be working on. Then he flicked through the books to find pictures representing The Good Shepherd. That might be a good theme, especially since Papa was too busy with the shearing that week to spend much time showing Rupert round his new home.


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