Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Hump Day Hook

Another Wednesday, and another Hump Day Hook. I'm keeping up the wordage on my WiP, and young Rupert is now down at the sheep shearing:


Papa let go of the sheep he'd been holding, and slapped its rump. The animal bounded away: out of the building through another doorway, and then down an alleyway of wooden fence-pieces to join those in the outside pen. Papa waved to Rupert then strode past him to talk to two men over by the big group of indoor sheep. The men were dressed how Rupert imagined shepherds should look, in flat caps and matching tweed jackets, with heavy-weight trousers tucked into sturdy boots, and with a crook and a dog apiece.

Papa wore an old pair of jeans, half-hidden by battered, brown-leather chaps, along with a pair of soft-soled shoes. His conversation with the men grew more animated; as he gestured, the tattoos on his right arm seemed to come alive, the swallow, the winged BSA and Matchless insignias, and the shooting star all swooping in turn as he moved his arm. On his back the kitsune's human form drew towards and then away from her reflected fox-self.

Rupert pulled out his sketchpad and began a new design for the well dressing.


You can read more about well dressing in Derbyshire over on the Candlemark and Gleam blog. It's one of my favourite things about summer in my home county.

And as this is a special give-away week, I'm offering up a set of three photographs: two of places that inspired stories in my collection: A Series of Ordinary Adventures and one of a well dressing from this year's round of Peak District village carnivals. Just tell me about one of your local summer festivals or customs.

If you want to see what other people have been writing, and enter other give-aways, the full list of participants is here. Go give them some comment-love.
Tags: blog hop, finding rupert, hump day hook, prizes, work in progress
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