Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Hump Day Hook

Another Wednesday, and another Hump Day Hook. I'm keeping up the wordage on my WiP, and young Rupert is back from the shearing and sitting on top of a gatepost sketching while he waits for Papa:


People wandered along behind him on the main road, their conversations seeming to pause as they approached Rupert's vantage point, and then start up again once they had passed him. The second time it happened, he wondered idly if they were talking about him, but decided they probably needed something to talk about. It might as well be him as anyone. When the third group to pass him acted in much the same way, Rupert was certain. His arrival was the most interesting event in the village – and on the rest of the estate – that week. Helping with both well dressings would give people even more to talk about, but at least he'd know they were talking about him, rather than worrying unduly about whether they were or not.


If you want to see what other people have been writing, the full list of participants is here. Go give them some comment-love.

And the winner of last week's draw was... Jessica E. Subject!!!!

I'll be contacting you later today about your prize.
Tags: blog hop, finding rupert, hump day hook, work in progress
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