Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Hump Day Hook

Another Wednesday, and another Hump Day Hook, not that there appears to have been a sign-up page this week. August got off to a slow start in writing terms, and so young Rupert is only just down off the top of that gatepost where he was sketching:


"You can look now." Roo shrugged and held out his sketchbook.

The pencil lines had captured the essence of the house already; once Roo'd added in a few of his trademark flashes of colour it might even be worth framing. Although Edward had kept the existence of his son from almost everyone, he'd made a point of putting up a few of Roo's artworks – even his very early attempts – around the non-public areas of Raymond's antique shop. Since the shop had closed almost two years earlier, there'd been nowhere to display the pictures without being asked some rather awkward questions. Now, of course, people had met Roo. Edward could show off his son's talent once again.


Shall search around later and see if anyone else has posted anyway.
Tags: blog hop, finding rupert, hump day hook, work in progress
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