Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
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The Bard at Titchfield

From the funding page:

We here in little old Titchfield believe we have one of the most exciting projects yet to be launched on KICKSTARTER INDIEGOGO and probably the most unique. Where else will you have the opportunity to get involved with a place that is closely connected with Kings and Queens of England, Shakespeare and one of the greatest battles ever to be fought between England and France!

Our team is going to put the H back in History and the sizzle back in Shakespeare! Forget all that stuff about the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Globe in London and Stratford. We believe that Titchfield was the place where it really happened for Shakespeare and it is here that he found his spiritual home. It was here at his Patron's country house that he flowered as the worlds greatest playwright. He lived, he worked and he loved here.

The Great Barn is a magnificent building erected in approximately 1411 AD. It is a unique historical structure with much of its original beam work still intact. It's linked to Henry V (one of England's greatest Kings and generals) because it is believed to have been used to supply Henry's army for the invasion of France which left from all along the surrounding coastline and finished with the battle of Agincourt on 25th October 1415. Have a look at this!

...There is now considerable evidence that points to the fact that William Shakespeare was living and working in Titchfield and its environs. Titchfield Abbey is a mere 250 yards from the Barn, and this now ruined building, has considerable historic importance attached to it, with many English Kings and Queens having visited the Abbey, and the subsequent Place House.

...The principle idea is to: Use the Great Barn as a permanent Shakespeare trail centre. The Barn has room enough to house a study centre together with a well equipped miniature Elizabethan theatre. The study centre would house displays, evidence and writings about the local area, the importance of the Barn and it’s links with Henry V and Shakespeare. It would also act as the starting point and base for the Shakespeare trail. A small Visitors’ Centre, with small café, information centre and restrooms could be installed in the previous Dairy area, if it could be re erected in the style similar to that of the Great Barn. This Dairy area would then lead to an exhibition area housed in the southern end of the barn giving details about the Barn etc., history about medieval agriculture and why the Barn was built and its use, the Henry V period and the Agincourt campaign. The Northern area would house the Shakespeare and Earls of Southampton Exhibition and would also be used as a venue for the Titchfield Shakespeare Festival to be run annually between May and October in a small Elizabethan Theatre with tiring room, balcony area and costume displays.

They're full of ideas, and they're planning to put some of them into action no matter what level of funding they end up with. Plus they're putting on the performance of Richard III I'm going to the weekend after next.

Hop over there and give them a bit more support.
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