Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Hump Day Hook

Another Wednesday, and another Hump Day Hook. I'm keeping up the wordage on my WiP, and now young Rupert and his Papa have settled down for the evening, with a stack of library books and an auction catalogue respectively:


Glancing up from a particularly uninspiring pair of pages, Edward saw Roo studying the Jasper Peveril volume intently. He looked startlingly like Hugh had at the same age; leaning back in his chair, one ankle resting on his opposite leg, upper teeth digging into his lower lip as he turned the pages. Of course Hugh at that age had been reading Greek and Latin texts, even when his school hadn't specifically demanded he undertake additional study over the holidays. Hugh at that age had also been chasing the maids in his spare time; Roo so far showed little interest in girls, and had shown no signs of developing Hugh's worse personality traits either.

Edward had told his son very little about Hugh, and he wasn't looking forward to the conversations they might have in future. For now, though, Roo had his interests in art and the earlier family histories, and Edward had his investigations into the whereabouts of lost treasures. They had plenty to occupy themselves in the evenings without digging up the recent past.


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Tags: blog hop, finding rupert, hump day hook, work in progress
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