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Sudeley Castle and Gardens Part Two

There's been a manor house on the site of Sudeley Castle since the 10th century and was home at times to Richard III, Jasper Tudor (uncle to Henry VII), Katherine Parr and Lady Jane Grey, and was visited by Elizabeth I and Charles I. It was allowed to remain ruined after the Civil War (although it became a tourist attraction, visited by George III amongst others) until bought by the Dent brothers in the mid 19th Century. They started the rebuilding that resulted in the castle that's there today:

Sudeley Castle 030813 (02) Sudeley Castle 030813 (06)

After the two original owners, the Dent brothers, died the castle passed to their nephew John and his wife Emma, who continued the work, had the chapel rebuilt (along with a fine marble tomb for Katherine Parr, whose grave had been rediscovered in 1782) and designed the first gardens:
Sudeley Castle 030813 (16) Sudeley Castle 030813 (24)

However, they kept Richard III's Banqueting Hall, and the octagonal tower which was also damaged in the Civil War, as a picturesque ruin:
Sudeley Castle 030813 (42)

Emma collected antiquities, hosted grand celebrations and published a local magazine. There are beautiful exhibitions about her and Katherine Parr (along with Henry VIII's other wives) which I couldn't photograph, but which are detailed here. The current family have had some unusual pets, including a badger called Brock in the 1960s and 70s, and still keep a large collection of exotic pheasants and the like today.

Also of interest was this pair of stones, which annoyingly I can't find any additional details for:
Sudeley Castle 030813 (51) Sudeley Castle 030813 (52)

I found them on the way to the Tithe Barn:
Sudeley Castle 030813 (55)

I suspect I'll have to go back at some point, as different parts of the house are open on different days.
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