Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Visit to the 'Wartime Farm'

I very much enjoyed the BBC series Wartime Farm, and really ought to get around to buying the DVD (I have the book already). Manor Farm, where the series was filmed has been running special events connected with the series all summer, including evening walks around the farm with anecdotes from Manor Farm staff about happenings during filming.

I went on one of the walks, and very good it was too.

We start with a general view of the farm:
Manor Farm 150813 (1)

Passing old agricultural machinery we come to the wheelwright's workshop (next to the blacksmith's forge):
Manor Farm 150813 (4) Manor Farm 150813 (5)

Wandering along a little further, we come to the church. It used to be bigger, but a tree fell on it:
Manor Farm 150813 (6) Manor Farm 150813 (12)

Scenes filmed inside the church involved a little televisual trickery to make it look like everyone fitted inside at the same time:
Manor Farm 150813 (11)

Back in the farmyard, we met pigs, ducklings, goats, sheep (and also cows):
Manor Farm 150813 (15) Manor Farm 150813 (18)

Manor Farm 150813 (28) Manor Farm 150813 (32)

While in the fields we saw this rather snazzy shepherds' hut, and more livestock:
Manor Farm 150813 (35) Manor Farm 150813 (36) Manor Farm 150813 (37)

We called at the farmhouse for tea and cakes, and chat, and then it was time to wander back home:
Manor Farm 150813 (38) Manor Farm 150813 (39)

There's one more walk this year, and I can highly recommend it. I also want to go back during the day, so I can milk a cow.
Tags: architectural heritage, for reference, out and about, photos, real life
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