January 22nd, 2011

Curious Cats by sallymn

On Dialects and Dark Moments

Two things I've been pondering...

1) Mostly I'm opposed to the spelling out of accents in reported speech, especially when the narrative is written in grammatically correct 'standard' English. Often it comes across as poking fun at those people who don't use the same language as the protagonist.

I give a lot more leeway to novels where the narrative is first person and dialect, especially when the story focus is on the outsiders' views of a particular community. I loved The Help and my current audiobook is Small Island.

Having said all that, I have a dilemma. Collapse )

2) I only came across the concept of a dark moment fairly recently. It seems to be more of a romance thing, although I've seen mentions of it in other genres. There seems to be more talk out there of good and bad examples than of whether it's a necessary plot construct and I'm puzzling.

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Thoughts, anyone?