January 23rd, 2012

Curious Cats by sallymn

Question for East Anglian People

Just trying to figure out the correct terminology here as I'm editing Seven for the Devil.

As background, It's a contemporary horror story, set in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Jimmy is a recently ordained Church of England vicar in his mid to late 30s. Irish-born, brought up in England, and has been living in the east of England for much of his adult life. Meanwhile Michael is in his mid-twenties and grew up in and around Mildenhall.


For the first time in years, Michael found himself talking about the early days of the band, when Roger and Patricia's parents were alive; when Michael and Patricia were still at school; when the others, apart from Roger, were still doing their degrees. He'd been a musical prodigy by his school's standards, though only average compared to the kids from the private schools, and that was how he'd met Patricia at an inter-schools competition. She'd introduced him to the others, and they'd introduced him to new outlets for his talents and new ways to get wrecked after their gigs and practice sessions.

"Didn't you resent them?" Jimmy said. "All those posh kids taking pity on the poor comprehensive school brat?"

"A bit, I suppose." Michael shrugged. "But they gave me an incentive to stay on at school. Patricia wasn't allowed to gig with us until she was sixteen, and doing A' Levels meant I had more time for music than if I'd been working."

Would Jimmy say 'comprehensive school'? I seem to remember that the school system in Norfolk at least tends to go with the term 'high school' for state schools.

What do people think?