February 8th, 2012

Curious Cats by sallymn

Two Countries (Continents?) Separated by a Common Language?

On a predominantly US mailing list last night, the question was asked 'where in Europe would you most like to visit?'

My immediate thoughts turned to cities and archaeological sites, and I replied that I couldn't decide between Knossos and Rome. All the other responses, barring one other Brit, who advised me to get myself to Rome and the Florence, named countries.

So, tell me, readers, is this an example of people in the North Americas seeing Europe as a much bigger, more homogenised area than I do, or is it a different interpretation of the word 'visit'?

Likewise, if asked the same question about the US and/or Canada, I'd go with cities and towns, although if the question was changed to ask what I'd like to travel, for example, I'd then possibly name particular states/provinces/territories or individual geographical regions.

I'm interested in how other people's minds work...