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Stevie Carroll
Back in 1936, the German racing driver Hans Stuck drove an Auto-Union at Shelsley Walsh, having previously broken the hill record in an Austro-Daimler in 1930. Although he managed to equal the most recent record time in practice, rain on the competetive day disrupted his runs, and he was beaten by the great Raymond Mays in a 1½-litre E.R.A. (full report here).

Eighty years on, and the 2016 Classic Weekend saw Stuck's son, Hans-Joachim, recreate that drive in much better weather with a very similar Auto-Union:
Classic Shelsley 170716 (131).JPG

More photos under here...Collapse )

Although Hans-Joachim made a rolling start on each run, and therefore didn't set an official time, it appears that he came close to equally his father's practice runs. And you can watch a video snippet of him from a similar place to where I watched him in the morning here, read the official report of the day here or watch clips from the 1930 event with the Austro-Daimler here.

In other news, I won the Sunday period costume prize.