Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Southsea on Saturday

Following my visit to the Portsmouth Kite Festival last Saturday, I wandered up the coast a little way towards Southsea Castle.

Still not the best of days for photography with my camera, there seemed to be more people out on the rather choppy water than wandering around by it:
Southsea Castle 240813 (2)

The Castle was one of Henry VIII's coastal forts, and was later modified by Charles II:
Southsea Castle 240813 (3) Southsea Castle 240813 (4)

Southsea Castle 240813 (5)

Having explored the castle, including the tunnels, which scared at least one young visitor (he asked me if I'd go back in with him as I was obviously a far safer person to scare away the ghosts than his father and grandmother who were yet to venture down there), I hung around outside the D-Day Museum waiting for my historical collaborator, who wanted to view the Overlord Embroidery with me.

There, I saw a collection of very fine memorials and tanks (the latter of which were being clambered over by a variety of urchins (though not when I took my photos):
Southsea Castle 240813 (7) Southsea Castle 240813 (6)

Southsea Castle 240813 (8) Southsea Castle 240813 (9)

Incidentally, the Overlord Embroidery is just as magnificent no matter how many times I view it, and there always seem to be new things to spot in both the embroidery and the related displays.
Tags: out and about, photos, real life
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