Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Visit to The Vyne Part Two

Having explored some of the outside of The Vyne on Bank Holiday Monday, I went inside, where I was greeted by this chap (as part of the One Ring exhibition):
The Vyne 260813 (26)

He was in the Stone Gallery:
The Vyne 260813 (27)

This piece of wallpaper in the Ante-Room intrigued me; I'd like to know what used to hang there:
The Vyne 260813 (28)

The chapel has a memorial to Chaloner Chute, who bought The Vyne after the Civil War:
The Vyne 260813 (31)

As well as some very nice stained glass:
The Vyne 260813 (32) The Vyne 260813 (33) The Vyne 260813 (34)

And a gallery I'd have liked to get a better look at:
The Vyne 260813 (35)

After that, I went upstairs:
The Vyne 260813 (37)

Where I viewed the Tapestry Gallery:
The Vyne 260813 (42) The Vyne 260813 (44) The Vyne 260813 (43)

As well as the paintings (including one of the 1st Duke of Buckingham) and the stained glass window in the Oak Gallery):
The Vyne 260813 (50) The Vyne 260813 (51)

I also quite liked this little bathroom off one of the bedrooms (I think it was the South Bedroom, but I'm currently lacking a guide book since they were out of stock at the house):
The Vyne 260813 (52)

Having fully explored the house, I went back into the grounds to explore further, more on which later.

[ETA:] There's a fun video tour of the house at the bottom of this page.
Tags: architectural heritage, for reference, out and about, photos, real life
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