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A Visit to Chenie's Manor Part Two

Having viewed some of the gardens at Chenie's Manor the Thursday before last, I joined the rest of my assigned group for our tour of the house. As the Manor is still very much a family home, I didn't take any photos inside, but wanted to share a few of my thoughts on the different rooms here.

The Parlour: This was the first room we entered, and the one in which we sat to listen to more family history from our guide, having been given an introduction on the lawn outside. Anyone who's visited me at home will know I'm a fan of traditional dining tables, and there was a fine example of one here, along with tapestries and other artworks. Also the first of the beautiful flower arrangements which we encountered in every room, some helpfully labelled as to which flowers were which. Leaving the Parlour (or the Long Room as its known when hosting village meetings) we proceeded through a panelled closet and down a corridor to...

The Dining Room: This one had a much more elegant dining table and chairs, having been modernised in the late Georgian era. Our guide wasn't keen, although I quite liked the decor. From there we passed the front door and peered into...

The White Drawing Room: This is reportedly where Henry VIII stayed during his last visit to the manor, being no longer able to climb the stairs. Meanwhile his wife Katherine Howard was carrying on upstairs with Thomas Culpepper and ghostly footsteps have been reported stomping around at the bottom of the spiral staircase. We didn't climb that either, but continued into...

The Stone Parlour: This was originally one high-ceilinged room, but in Tudor times was divided into three storeys when chimneys were added. It's very much a family room with charming photos and portraits of the current occupants all over the place. From there we went upstairs to...

The North/Red Bedroom: This had a lovely view out towards the church and also a very cute (single) fourposter bed. It's not an overwhelmingly red room either, being mostly red and white with somewhat more of the latter. From there we went past the top of the spiral staircase and also the blue bedroom (again not overwhelmingly monotone) to...

Queen Elizabeth's Room: Now this room has a table very much like mine (though I doubt it ever belonged in a pub), and some fine Flemish tapestries, although our guide was more interested in talking about the floorboards (very similar to those in one of my former bedrooms -- and of a similar era and origin at a guess). This room may, however, have been one in which Mary, Queen of Scots' fate was decided. From there we proceded to...

The Pink Bedroom: Once again, this room wasn't excessively one colour, and is more notable for the small room off it, which was possibly an oratory at one time and has a hidden room beneath it which looked much more accomodating than those I saw at Boscobel House. We then continued into...

The Library: This has modern bookcases, but the fireplace is dated 1502, and family records document the cleaning of the privy off the main room before one of the visits of Elizabeth I. From there we went into...

The Billiard Room/Great Chamber: This room is decorated with many family portraits from various eras, along with a copy of the Domesday Book entry for Buckinghamshire and various pieces of china. From there we were able to pay a visit to...

The Dolls Room: This houses a collection of dolls and accessories from the 19th and 20th centuries with various other pieces of nursery furniture.

Finally, we went down another stone staircase and back into the Parlour.

Having spent so much time in the house, I went straight to the teashop (taking care not to step on the lady of the manor's dog while queuing and had tea and a slice of homemade served on a china tea service. After that I had a little more time to explore the gardens:

The gardens around the house were just as pretty as those I'd viewed earlier on the other side:
Chenies Manor 290813 (25) Chenies Manor 290813 (27)

Chenies Manor 290813 (31) Chenies Manor 290813 (32)

I tried to do something similar here to the shot I took of the spade in the other garden, but it didn't work out quite as well in that respect:
Chenies Manor 290813 (33)

This shot took ages to get right because people kept walking past:
Chenies Manor 290813 (36)

Sadly there wasn't time to visit the church, which houses all the former Dukes of Bedford, but I plan to return soon to see the rest of the gardens too:
Chenies Manor 290813 (37)

More information about the gardens here
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