Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Weekend Writing Warriors

Another Sunday, and another round of Weekend Writing Warriors. This Sunday's excerpt comes from a little later on in my WIP, Finding Rupert. Rupert and his Papa have been talking over a Monday dinner of cold roast with bubble and squeak:


"What are you planning to work on tomorrow?" he asked after Papa had finished explaining the work he had done on his cars that day.

"Not the cars," Papa said. "I'll go and see Old Fred first thing, and if he agrees with the weather forecasts I've read, then we'll try and get the hay in before the rain comes back at the end of the week. It's going to be a poor crop this year, but I don't want to risk leaving it any longer if at all possible. Would you like to help?"

"I've got some work to do at the stables." Although he was desperate to get back to searching in the attics, Rupert had gone along with Sarah's suggestion that he help her in the morning. There were new fence posts to be knocked in at the bottom of the furthest field, and apparently that was a job for someone tall.


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Tags: blog hop, finding rupert, weekend writing warriors, work in progress
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