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London on the Friday Before Last

On the Friday before the one just gone, I made another research trip to London. The main focus of our expedition was to be Tudor and Stuart fashion, but that ended up being an afternoon excursion, so we began the day with a visit to Temple Church, the church of Inner and Middle Temple.

The church has stood for over 800 years, having made it through the Great Fire of London unscathed, although it was badly damaged in May 1941 during the Blitz. After the war the church was rebuilt, and gained an impressive new East Window in 1954:
London 200913 (3)

The church also has some fine effigies, including these two chaps:
London 200913 (1) London 200913 (2)

And a rather stunning organ:
London 200913 (5)

Back outside, we said hello to the two Knights of St John on their one horse:
London 200913 (6)

And then we wandered through pleasant gardens and down narrow streets until we found The Old Curiosity Shop:
London 200913 (7) London 200913 (8)

We had pies for lunch at The Old Bank of England. Although the original taverns on the site were demolished when the Bank of England branch was built, I could definitely imagine Pepys stopping there for his pie and ale and expressing his opinions on the topics of the day. The pies were very good, and I regret feeling slightly headachy and so not sampling any of the pints on offer.

After that, it was time for the main attraction: In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion at the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

I was particulary taken with the pictures of Royal Ladies dressed in men's riding habits:
London 200913 (10) London 200913 (11)

And with the scene showing the party immediately before Charles II returned to Britain:
London 200913 (12)

Having viewed the exhibition, there was just time for us to zoom over to the Globe so I could make up for not taking photographs last time:
London 200913 (25) London 200913 (18) London 200913 (23)

I also photographed boats, bridges and buildings on the Thames:
London 200913 (30)
London 200913 (28) London 200913 (33)

And that was our Grand Day Out.
Tags: out and about, photos, real life, summer of shakespeare
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