Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

State of the Writing

Searching for Julia now stands at close to 39,400 words, 1,150 of those written today. Most of today's words were about sheering sheep, and featured a large cast of walk-on characters: Turner the estate manager; Bob the shepherd (my brain wants to tell me that all shepherds are called Bob, but my experience begs to differ); Young Turner, the estate manager's son; and three burly blokes (possibly called Tom, Dick and Harry) who are there partly to make up the numbers in the sheering team and partly to balance out the pretty that is Edward, Brigit and Craig the Aussie barman.

As far as the narrative's concerned, only Turner (and possibly Young Turner) out of the walk-on characters will ever be mentioned by name, but I feel happier for having named all of them.

How about you? When writing (or reading) do you prefer you walk-on characters to have names, even if no one but you knows what those names are?
Tags: for reference, on writing
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