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Last Week in London

There are far too many interesting things happening in London right now. I had various non-fiction-related work commitments up there, during the week ending 22nd November 2013 and so took advantage of a one-week season ticket working out cheaper than two or more full price return tickets and went to see some of them.

First up was Shunga: sex and pleasure in Japanese art at the British Museum. Expecting Tuesday afternoons to be rather quiet, I booked my ticket for 16.00, and discovered that a lot of other people had seemingly had the same idea. If I go again, I'll definitely allow myself more than 90 minutes to take in all the exhibits before closing time. Lots more about the exhibition here.

Walking back towards Waterloo Bridge, I gave into temptation and stopped off at the Charles Dickens Coffee House for coffee and baklava, both of which were much better than the last time I stopped off at an unfamiliar branch of Casta Coffee for a drink and a snack.

Suitably refreshed, I continued onwards to Southwark for Politics and What It Could Mean for You hosted at the Rose and Crown by No One Ever Told Me About Politics and the Fabian Women’s Network. News of this event had been propogated far and wide online (I think I found it through a GDST LinkedIn post), but the pub had laid on an impressive selection of nibbles and were happy to serve wine in some slightly unusual glasses, so a grand time was had by all.

On Wednesday, I was thwarted by slow-running trains and some very wet weather, forcing me to miss out on a 20th Century Architecture exhibition at the Wellington Arch. On the other hand, I had an eighth floor room at the Ibis in Earls Court for the night, and took some photos out of the window to make up for the disappointment.

Earls Court 201113 (2)

Earls Court 201113 (3) Earls Court 201113 (4)

Earls Court 201113 (6) Earls Court 201113 (7)

Thursday was nearly all work all of the time, but then my Tame Historian invited me to dinner at the Côte Kensington, which meant I was well fed, but also got home later than intended (and my cat got two dinners by fibbing to the neighbours about all the food I'd left out for him).

After all that excitement, I decided that getting up really early for another day in London just wasn't going to happen, so I headed up there at a relatively civilised time instead. Not only that, I was still wide awake after a day of conference events, and so headed homewards via Elmgreen & Dragset’s exhibition Tomorrow at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

This stunning installation is a piece of interactive storytelling, complete with a script for an unrealised drama. Set out as rooms in a Kensington Mansion flat, visitors get to wander amongst the detritus of an unfulfilled life and wonder about the history of those pieces not mentioned in the script. I plan to go back and explore some more at least once while the exhibition is running.

Returning downstairs, I found that the museum's entrance hall had acquired mood-lighting, a bar and a DJ. It would have been rude not to stick around for a drink, even though I was rather short on change and could only find enough coins for one soft drink. I need to go back when that event's running again too.
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