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'Tis More Blessed Week One

Tis More Blessed

Today is the first day of the weekly 'Tis More Blessed Christmas give-away. I'll be giving an eCopy of my short story collection to one randomly selected commenter every week, and posting excerpts from the seasonal story 'Charmed by Prince Charming'. So, here's the first excerpt:

"They're not exclusive, you know." Vic took off the wicked stepmother's blonde beehive—the one that always made Colin think of Bet Lynch, Coronation Street's iconic landlady—then set it carefully on its stand.

"Who?" Colin sat up a little straighter, then grabbed at the edge of his chair as he nearly managed to overbalance it. Vic rarely spread gossip, but when he did, it was invariably accurate.

"Cinders and Charming, of course." Vic began to remove his stage makeup, throwing each cotton wool ball into the bin by the door with pinpoint accuracy.

Colin watched the flight of balls as he pondered that statement, and what possible response he was supposed to offer. Maybe if he said nothing, Vic would explain what he meant in more detail.

"So you've no excuse for sitting in here like a wet weekend, when you could be out having your wicked way with young Ashley," Vic concluded triumphantly, obviously realising that Colin wasn't going to confirm what he seemed to suspect. Setting his cleanser to one side, he scrubbed at his face with an old towel before picking up his other makeup bag.

"But—" It was just his luck, Colin thought, to be the object of Vic's "maternal instincts." His crush might be cramping his style, but he hadn't wanted to be pushed into doing anything about it, hadn't even realised that anyone else had noticed. Once upon a time, they'd all drunk together: the old-timers at one end of their pushed-together tables, the youngsters at the other. Then Colin had got all irrational about Ash, and drifted over to sit with Vic: sometime dame, sometime older male lead. Vic, whose Othello had been particularly acclaimed, but who apparently felt no embarrassment walking out the stage door in makeup, a wig, and a dress that together were only marginally more restrained than those he wore on stage as Lady Hardup.

To be entered in the draw, just tell me whether you prefer panto or Shakespeare, or if you like both equally. Winner to be drawn on Tuesday.

Full list of today's participating authors is here, and a list of all authors due to participate during the month can be found here.



A wander down a country pathway, a cruise vacation in the Mediterranean, a school reunion, a sandwich eaten in the park – in the stories of Stevie Carroll, the mundane becomes tantalizingly magical. A footballer’s mistress gets more than just an apartment when her lover tries to keep her in style; a rock-and-roll bass player finds out that second chances aren’t all they’re cracked up to be; something sinister lurks beneath the trappings of a travelling carnival.

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