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Weekend Writing Warriors

It's Sunday again, and time for another round of Weekend Writing Warriors. I'm still working on Finding Rupert as my main WiP, although I didn't make much progress over Christmas. This week's eight follow on from Rupert's conversation with Cook:


Rupert wheedled Cook's set of keys out of her by offering to wash up the tea things while she hurried over to meet Grandmama. Having fulfilled his promise, he was then in the perfect position to search not just the kitchen and Cook's sitting room, but also the other rooms on that floor, whether they were open to visitors or not. Sadly, the only hidden treasure he found was a postcard sent to Cook by one of her nieces, which had fallen down the gap at the back of a cupboard.

Rupert rubbed the dust off it using his jacket sleeve, then slipped the card into his pocket. Reuniting Cook with her lost property would hopefully encourage her to talk more about Rupert's family; he was sure she had far more to pass on about Uncle Hugh and Aunt Julia's marriage with similar biases to those she had already expressed. It wasn't that he didn't believe Mrs Ollerenshaw's version of events – or the version that she'd hinted at anyway – but it seemed to him that there was always more than one person at fault in such matters. Papa was unlikely to give him a reliable version of the story either. He'd been away from Derbyshire for much of that time, and he'd loved Aunt Julia at least as much as he'd loved his brother; his view would be coloured by whatever Aunt Julia had told him. Cook was the person that Rupert needed to talk to, and preferably before he called on Mrs Ollerenshaw for the final fittings of his two suits, since she'd also been a strong supporter of Julia's cause.


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