Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Gosh I Have a Lot of Books

When I moved into the current house, around 5 years ago, I bought a lot of paint with the intention of painting all the main rooms in pretty colours (except my study -- as I like the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper that was already there). Finally, over Christmas and New Year I painted the spare room. Partly this was because I'd finally persuaded Mum and Dad to bring down the last piece of furniture that was still at my old place -- a double chest of drawers that I wanted to put in the living room -- and installing it meant moving the pair of bookcases that were 'temporarily' (i.e. for the past couple of years) crammed in a corner of the living room awaiting help moving them up to the spare room where there was enough space for them (I know, I measured beforehand).

So, I now have all my furniture arranged sensibly, almost all my books arranged in single rows on shelves and other flat surfaces (barring one set currently in boxes until I build one last bookcase) and a lilac spare room.


Spare room with bookcases:
Books 080114 (1)

Living room with big chest of drawers:
Books 080114 (3)

Now I just need to (frame and) hang the rest of the pictures I seem to have lying about the space. At least I have floor again.
Tags: photos, print books, real life
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