Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Paintings of Drowned Villages

Apparently Dad had some visitors yesterday, wanting to look through his photographs and papers relating to the Derwent Valley reservoirs. In the course of their visit, they gave him a full set of the relevant prints from the V&A's upcoming travelling exhibition entitled Recording Britain:

The V&A is home to the Recording Britain collection, the result of a unique documentary project initiated at the start of the Second World War. More than 90 artists were commissioned to make inspiring pictures which would be ‘sympathetic records’ of vulnerable buildings, landscapes and lifestyles. This exhibition shows, for the first time, these images in context. The aims and achievements of the scheme will be examined in the light of comparable photographic projects, ranging from the architectural and landscape subjects recorded by Benjamin Brecknell Turner and Francis Frith in the 19th century to the work of the National Monuments Record in the 1940s.

After a bit of playing with the V&A's search features, I think the paintings are these. Dad found photos matching all but this one, although I think it may match up to the Underbank Farm mentioned in this document, so Dad is going to ask around the presumed descendants of William Ashton.

Knowing about the names of local/regional places and families is great.
Tags: architectural heritage, fake history project, films, for reference, real life, truth stranger than fiction
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