Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Father Brown Goes to Shelsley Walsh

As people may know, I'm a great fan of the C20th period dramas that BBC1 runs daily in the early afternoons some weeks. The most recent has been a slightly updated (into the early-mid 1950s) version of GK Chesterton's Father Brown.

And the last episode, shown on Friday the 17th January 2014, was filmed at Shelsley Walsh. Some lovely prewar racing cars shown parked and also tackling the track (although some liberties were taken with the filmed location of the crime scene relative to where the crime was shown to have taken place, the shots of the cars in action were very impressive).

Available online for UK viewers until the 24th January 2014 here.
Tags: motor sport, on the internet, real life, television, truth stranger than fiction
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