Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Traditional Derbyshire Christmas

Over the next three days I thought I'd share the three posts I prepared for Saturday's Noble Romance Christmas Chat, but never actually used because everyone else was talking plenty enough already. ;-)

Here's the first:

Village Christmases are very similar now to when I was growing up. On Christmas Eve there's Carol Singing around the Village Green, with readings by the Rector, the Catholic Priest and the Methodist Minister. While the carols are being sung, hot fruit punch is handed out and acquaintances are renewed with all the others who've had to move away from the village to find work. Then, if you're lucky, someone will be holding an open house, and off everyone troops to drink mulled wine, eat far too much finger food, and continue all the conversations started between carols.

Christmas Day is family time, and how early it starts depends on whether Mum went to the midnight service, and how early she then wakes up. Once the presents are all opened and the food is cooking by itself there's a round of phone calls to family, and then opening of a bottle of wine or sherry, after which its time for lunch. Soup (usually asparagus for reasons lost in the depths of time), then turkey with all the trimmings, and finally Christmas pudding with lashings of brandy and white sauce.

We eat our first slice of Christmas cake in the evening. Evening fare also includes turkey sandwiches (with cold stuffing, bacon and sausages if there's any left), warm mince pies, and fancy cheeses. In the middle of all that eating we try to find time for one or two board games or jigsaws, and reading the books we all bought each other.

Boxing Day is the traditional day for a long, bracing walk: not just for my family, but for many of the villagers. The day after Boxing Day I usually drive home to be reunited with my pony and my cats.

How about you? What traditions do you have where you live or where you grew up?
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