Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Today I present the second of my three posts left over from Saturday's chat:

In the UK, people didn't used to decorate the outsides of their homes much apart from a string of lights along the edge of the roof, and maybe another in the trees if they had any large enough in their front gardens.

That's all changed now, and more people put on big displays of lights on the fronts of their houses and in their gardens. What hasn't changed is the municipal displays of lights most towns and cities hang over the roads in their main shopping areas. Some of the bigger or more popular places get a famous person (local or otherwise) to switch on the lights. As a child it always amused me that Castleton, a village not much larger than the one I lived had enough lights that coach trips were organised from local towns so people could look at them.

How about you? Does your town go all out with the Christmas lights? Do your neighbours put on a display? Do you?
Tags: real life
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