Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Weekend Writing Warriors

It's Sunday again, and time for another round of Weekend Writing Warriors. I'm still working on Finding Rupert as my main WiP, and I'm more or less on target for the month. A little further on from last week's eight, it's the end of the day, and Rupert is out riding:


He turned Quinn onto the riverbank path, and then felt his horse tense under him as they passed the stepping stones that led to the old watermill.

"Not today, boy." Rupert sat deeper in the saddle as Quinn tried to snatch at the reins. "We can have a proper gallop tomorrow if I'm less tired."

He let the horse walk forward a few paces, then pushed him into a gentle trot followed by a controlled canter. The wind caught in his hair, waking him up and tempting him to push Quinn to go faster. Then he saw a figure ahead of them on the path.

As he slowed to a walk, Rupert saw that it was Linda Jenkins who was walking towards him.


To see what the others have been writing, go over there and give folks some comment-love.
Tags: blog hop, finding rupert, weekend writing warriors, work in progress
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