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Books Read and Listened To Part I

I've been very lax in posting about books, so I'm going to have to split this up a bit. Firstly, three I actually had from the library as audio books, no matter what the link may imply:

Rules, Regs and Rotten Eggs
By H. R. F. Keating
Publisher: Allison & Busby
Published: 16 April 2007
Categories: Crime
ISBN 13: 9780749080303

No Blurb Available

Initially I gave up on this around Track 7 of the first CD. Then I had a series of long and tedious car journeys and gave it another try. Some bits of it may have made sense, but I'm not sure which. I'll be avoiding the author in future.

Both Sides of the Fence
By Jean Chapman
Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd
Published: 30 September 2009
Categories: Crime | Thrillers
ISBN 13: 9780709088905

John Cannon gave up his Metropolitan Police career for his partner, Liz Makepeace, when he took revenge on those who had hurt her whilst she was working undercover. Now the troubled couple must make a new life for themselves as proprietors of 'The Trap' a Fenland public house. In time, and with growing acceptance from the locals, they find happiness. They have come to love this strange land of marshes and dykes - but their past has not done with them yet. A young girl found unconscious brings the ruthless world of crime, assassination and greed back into their new lives and Cannon knows that if he fails Liz this time both their lives will be over.

I thought this might be part of a series, but sadly it seems not. A slight twist on that loved trope of mine in which it's usually the gangsters that retire to the countryside only for their past to track them down there. John Cannon isn't exactly a good guy, though, and neither are some of the colourful local characters, who drink in his pub. Apparently Chapman is classed as a romance writer on some listings, although this was all about the suspense. I've ordered another of hers from the library already.

The Last Tycoon
By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Published: 04 November 2010
Categories: Classics
ISBN 13: 9780141194080

Their eyes 'met and tangled. For an instant they made love as no one ever dares to do after. Their glance was slower than an embrace, more urgent than a call'. A novel of the glittering decadence of Hollywood in its heyday, this was Fitzgerald's last work and he died without completing it. The novel's tragic tycoon hero is Stahr. Caught in the crossfire of his own effortless cynicism and his silent, secret vulnerability, Stahr inhabits a world dominated by business, alcohol and promiscuity. If there is a moral or social necessity to film-making in this West Coast never-never land, Stahr does not always believe in it. If there is love he does not always see it. The sharpness of Fitzgerald's prose, the steely simplicity of his style, give a cutting edge to this study of Hollywood in the thirties, from which Fitzgerald draws a painfully bitter-sweet love affair and bids his own poignant farewell to the Great American Dream.

A random grab as I was leaving the library. Fortunately it was only four CDs long.

And now I'm slightly lacking in enthusiasm to write up either the print books or the ebooks, even though they were all better than 2/3 of the audio books I've discussed above.
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