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[From the BBC:] All Cannings 'Neolithic' long barrow takes shape

A fascinatig story here, with some great pictures:

The first "Neolithic" long barrow to be built in the UK for 5,000 years, is attracting interest from all over the world.

The burial chamber at All Cannings near Devizes in Wiltshire will contain niches housing urns of cremated ashes, and set to be finished later this year.

Developer Tim Daw, who owns the farmland on which it is being built, said he was "absolutely thrilled" with its progress.

Go read!

More about the barrow here and more about the Neolithic period on the BBC here.

Plus if you want to see another set of reconstructed buildings, you can follow the progress of the new Neolithic houses at Stonehenge here.

And finally a quote from stonemason Geraint Davies:

"It's strange really. We haven't built a long barrow for 5,000 years, but then about six weeks ago we had another enquiry for one.

"They want a burial chamber built in central London to hold some art.

"They're like London buses. You don't get one for 5,000 years and then all of a sudden two come at once."
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