Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

News Snippet from EasterCon (1/5): Man of Iron Comes to Satellite 4

Long a stalwart of Redemption, that great unfilmed (some might say unfilmable) Blakes 7 episode Man of Iron is to make its EasterCon debut at Satellite 4 this Sunday.

Written by Paul Darrow, a star of all four series, Man of Iron is set in Series 4 and pitches the crew of the Scorpio against possibly their deadliest foe yet: the mighty, unstoppable, indestructible robot Gabor. See the crew fearlessly battle the lesser robots of mad scientist Algor before, egged on by the evil Servalan, he finally gives out his infamous cry: "Release Gabor!!!!".

For this unforgettable experience, come to Castle 1 at 19.00 on Sunday and prepare to be amazed.

You'll never view Series 4 the same way again!
Tags: eastercon, in the news, just for fun, out and about, real life, winning at life
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