Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

News Snippet from EasterCon (2/5): A Challenge Has Been Issued

We understand that the King's Musketeers are in the process of issuing a formal challenge to the Cardinal's Guards to meet them at Redemption 2015 in a duel to be held during the cabaret.

The issue at stake is believed to be the money (120 pistoles) appropriated from Athos' purse, and spent at the Satellite 4 bar on Friday night, by the Papal agent Count Riario. The Count left behind only a worthless credit note on the Pazzi Bank and three apple cores.

For further details, or to book your place to watch what promises to be a thrilling combat, visit the Redemption 15 stall anytime that it's staffed up until the Satellite 4 Closing Ceremony on Monday.
Tags: eastercon, in the news, just for fun, out and about, real life, winning at life
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