Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

An EasterCon Expedition (20 April 2014)

On the Sunday of EasterCon 2014, I took a trip from the hotel to the SECC with my camera fully primed. And here is the result...

The SECC can be reached along a series of corridors:
Glasgow 200414 (1) Glasgow 200414 (2)

And then down an escalator:
Glasgow 200414 (3) Glasgow 200414 (4)

It's all very big and shiny-white:
Glasgow 200414 (5) Glasgow 200414 (6)

But the shops had shut:
Glasgow 200414 (7)

So I went outside:
Glasgow 200414 (8) Glasgow 200414 (9)

And walked back to the hotel along by the Clyde:
Glasgow 200414 (11)

I'd intended to take more photos before heading home on the Tuesday, but the weather went and changed on us.
Tags: eastercon, for reference, inspiration, on writing, out and about, photos, real life, winning at life
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