Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

[Useful Link:] Le Tour Yorkshire - A few things you need to know

The first stages of 2014 Tour de France are taking place in England (I'm told this is perfectly normal). On the minus side, this means I may be a little restricted as to where I can go the first weekend in July. On the plus side, if I want to go anywhere to the south of Mum and Dad's that weekend, I may have fewer people standing where I want to point my camera. And they've retarmac'd some of the roads I'm going to be using a lot this year. Also, spacefall, linked me to this highly informative video all about how to complete Le Tour Yorkshire in right proper style. It's made by the chaps organising camping up on Holme Moss Go watch!
Tags: for reference, just for fun, links, on the internet, regional vocab, upcoming, videos
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