Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

In Search of Dido Belle

On Thursday 12th June 2014, I went up to That London to visit Kenwood House, both to view the house following its restoration and to see the exhibition of costumes from the new film about Dido Belle: Belle.

First, though, I walked from Golders Green Tube Station, taking in Hampstead Heath along the way.

The Heath (on the way back, one of the local girls' schools was having a rounders match here):
Hampstead Heath 120614 (1)

Rather nice memorial in a tucked away portion of the Heath:
Hampstead Heath 120614 (3)

Looking back up Spaniard's Road:
Hampstead Heath 120614 (4)

At last, I reached the entrance to the grounds of Kenwood House and walked up the drive to the splendid front of the house:
Kenwood House 120614 (1) Kenwood House 120614 (2)

Inside, I was particularly impressed by the library:
Kenwood House 120614 (4)

Then, I paused to admire a copy of the iconic painting of Dido Belle, and her cousin Elizabeth:
Kenwood House 120614 (10)

Before continuing onwards to see the costumes in the orangery:
Kenwood House 120614 (14) Kenwood House 120614 (15) Kenwood House 120614 (16)

Even the bear was impressed by it all (and had his photo taken by some other visitors):
Kenwood House 120614 (13)

There was plenty of other art, of course, including this rather splendid painting of James Stewart, 1st Duke of Richmond, 4th Duke of Lennox KG:
Kenwood House 120614 (18)

And after all that, I wandered back across Hampstead Heath and made my way home.
Tags: architectural heritage, art, for reference, inspiration, photos, real life
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