Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Le Tour Yorkshire - Some of the Decorations

This week marks the beginning of the Tour de France, with the first three stages taking place in England. They had their big opening ceremony in Leeds last night and they'll be all over the hills round Yorkshire tomorrow and the day after, passing along various parts of my route to work on Sunday. So everyone remotely on or near the route has been putting up decorations. Lots of yellow bikes, real and not so real have appeared all over the place, and they've put up bunting and strings of little knitted jumpers across streets and houses in lots of towns and villages. Langsett, however, has particularly impressed me, especially given that it's not exactly a big place.

From this view, it looks fairly ordinary:
Langsett 030714 (1)

But... this is just a little further down the road (note barrier fencing already in place on the very edge of the shot):
Langsett 030714 (2)

Across the road from that, the Bank View Cafe has been done up all spotty like the King of the Mountains:
Langsett 030714 (3) Langsett 030714 (4)

While opposite that, the Waggon & Horses has renamed itself the Pedalers Inn and is planning all sorts of activities. They're also responsible for all the knitting that's appeared on the street furniture:
Langsett 030714 (9) Langsett 030714 (5)

Langsett 030714 (6) Langsett 030714 (7)

Further up the road, a fairground and stage have appeared at the Langsett Hub, but I haven't managed to take photos round there yet.
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