Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Random Local Pic Spam

This year's village carnival started off wet, and was mostly over by the time the sun tempted me to go out with my camera. So instead of a big photo story, here are a few miscellaneous photos from the past week.

There were a good selection of scarecrows for the carnival this year. Dad found most of them, and I snapped this one:
Bamford Carnival 190714 (1)

I managed to help with the Well Dressing this year, although some of my petals ended up underneath the frame. The rest were in the top right corner (the sky around the bird's wing and the start flag):
Bamford Carnival 190714 (2)

Down on the rec, Dad found this little van by the Hook-A-Duck stall:
Bamford Carnival 190714 (3) Bamford Carnival 190714 (4)

And finally, look how my hanging basket has come along since I brought it up here:
Hanging Basket 240714 (1) Hanging Basket 240714 (2)

Heading down south tomorrow, but Mum will make sure my plants stay watered over the weekend.
Tags: for reference, gardens, inspiration, photos, plant life, winning at life
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