Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Traffic Trouble in the Valley

The Sunday before last, I was staying in my parents' village and joined Mum on a short walk to deliver some Christmas cards. The first sign of anything unusual that we encountered was the presence of two police vehicles with flashing lights, but no sirens, one of which continued past us, and the other of which stopped just past the village green. We continued on our way to the bottom of the village, where we once again encountered the first police vehicle, now blocking off the road.

Learning from another local that a wide load would be coming through, I got out my camera.

A police driver surveys the cars that really shouldn't have been parked across from the church, if their owners had read the notices that had been sent to residents (admittedly, one belonged to the vicar from the next village, but you'd think someone would have told her):
Bamford 141214 (1)

The first lorry arrives outside The Derwent Hotel:
Bamford 141214 (4)

While the escort vehicle assesses how much room they have between the parked cars and the churchyard wall:
Bamford 141214 (5)

The second lorry arrives:
Bamford 141214 (6)

And the first decides to try to get through:
Bamford 141214 (7) Bamford 141214 (8) Bamford 141214 (11)

The second lorry's driver doesn't think his load will go over the top of the last remaining parked car:
Bamford 141214 (12)

But someone drags the car's owner out of bed, and the cavalcade can continue on its way:
Bamford 141214 (13) Bamford 141214 (14)

Who says nothing ever happens in villages?
Tags: inspiration, out and about, photos, real life, truth stranger than fiction
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