Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Saturday's Snow

The big snow of 2014, predicted to fall between 6am on Boxing Day and 11am the following day, reached Derbyshire sometime after sunset. By Saturday morning, there was rather a lot of the stuff, with the news reporting that the county and parts of South Yorkshire had received more than elsewhere.

These were the views from my parents' house:

At the front:
Snow in Bamford 271214 (1) Snow in Bamford 271214 (2)

Obligatory shot of Win Hill
Snow in Bamford 271214 (3)

At the back:
Snow in Bamford 271214 (5) Snow in Bamford 271214 (7)

And a close-up of Clough House, which appears to be rather snowed-in:
Snow in Bamford 271214 (8)

Driving home in the afternoon was rather interesting, since none of the roads appeared to have been visited by either a snow plough or a gritter, but there was next to no snow once I reached Huddersfield.
Tags: in the news, out and about, photos, real life, weather
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