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A Boxing Day Walk Round Eyam

Before all the snow fell on Boxing Day 2014, it was actually quite a bright day. Not sunny by any means, but definitely suitable for a proper walk a little further afield than Mum and Dad's village. So, after consulting John Merrill's Peak District Walks: Short Walks for the Motorist No. 1, we headed over to Eyam.

Eyam is famous as the village that quarantined itself when the plague was brought from London in 1666. We began our walk at Eyam Museum, and although there wasn't time for us to look round there as well, the website is well worth a visit.

Eyam Walk 261214 (1) Eyam Walk 261214 (2)

Our first site of interest was the Eyam Delf nature reserve and its Cucklet Church:
Eyam Walk 261214 (8)

The church is actually a natural rock formation, where villagers would meet for services, and at other times, during the plague. I explored as much of it as I was able to:
Eyam Walk 261214 (9) Eyam Walk 261214 (10)

Eyam Walk 261214 (14) Eyam Walk 261214 (21)

Returning to the village, we inspected the stocks and the sheep roast site:
Eyam Walk 261214 (24) Eyam Walk 261214 (32)

Then we visited the church with its splwndid sundial and memorials to Thomas Stanley and William Mompesson, the Rectors of Eyam before and during the plague:
Eyam Walk 261214 (36) Eyam Walk 261214 (38)

There are memorial plaques on many of the cottages and garden walls, recording the victims and survivors of the plague, some of whom are also documented on this site.

Leaving the village, we visited the Riley Graves, where seven members of the same family were buried by the one woman who survived:
Eyam Walk 261214 (54) Eyam Walk 261214 (55)

We continued our walk along a footpath through the woods, then dropped back down onto the old Grindleford road by a most splendid house:
Eyam Walk 261214 (60) Eyam Walk 261214 (63)

Eyam Walk 261214 (68)

The Grindleford road has been closed to traffic for the past couple of years, due to a land-slip:
Eyam Walk 261214 (76) Eyam Walk 261214 (79)

Finally, I leave you all with a picture of the school gates:
Eyam Walk 261214 (82)
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