Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Brief Update

I've been away a lot recently, both in terms of physical location and in terms of internet access. Things aren't going to calm down just yet, but I've done a first editing pass on about a quarter of Searching for Julia. I'm going to reread the updated version before moving onto the next chapters. I have new thoughts on Nicky's career progression, which I need to work into the relevant sections. I may need to read up more on artists like Joe Scarborough and LS Lowry to get a better feeling for where he started from (albeit at an earlier age), and then do a bit of additional research into how he got so rapidly to the point he was at in 1966 (obviously having a wealthy patron or two would have helped).

I've read a few books recently. I've been wavering about writing up three of them. I finished them all, but with reservations. The reservations say more about me than about the books, so I think I'll post the book details for completeness sake (before writing up those I've read since, and loved) and then try to explain what my reservations say about me as opposed to the books or their authors.

I'm currently reading (amongst other books) Kate Williams' biography of Emma Hamilton (hence the art(ist) musings). More on that when I finish it.

[ETA:] Regarding Nicky, it would probably work better if, during his landscapes phase, he had supplemented his income by producing quick portraits of locals and tourists, who stopped to watch him at work. Amongst them also would been the gallery owner who hosted his first real exhibition and the first modeling agent to spot Bridie.

[ETA2:] I think I'm also going with the 'briefly famous due to a good publicist' idea: Nicky was everywhere and everyone wanted him to paint for them over a short period of years. Then he stopped painting, the publicity machine wound down, and everyone moved onto the next big thing.
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