Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Spotted from the Towpath This Week

Walking to work along the side of the canal tends to take longer than walking along the road, partly because I get distracted by various sights along the way. This week, I snapped a few of them with the camera of my phone.

On Wednesday, I first spotted this navigation hazard:
Huddersfield Narrow Canal 150415  (1).jpg

As far as I could see, it had rolled downhill from the new houses above the canal, and just fallen over the edge of the high wall, taking at least one traffic cone with it.

Not much further along, I noticed that this airvent seemed to be watching me.
Huddersfield Narrow Canal 150415  (2).jpg

I know that it was just turning due to the breeze catching its sail, but there must be a story in there somewhere.

On Friday the car had gone, but I decided to photograph some of the local wildlife instead.
Huddersfield Narrow Canal 170411.jpg

Of course they moved between me spotting them in a perfect pose, and me taking the picture.
Tags: out and about, photos, real life, truth stranger than fiction, wildlife, winning at life
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