Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Floors and Photos

Dad and I have been going through boxes of old family photographs and documents, and I've been picking out my favourite pictures to display around the house. Hopefully, I'll also be able to find out who most of the subjects are, although right now the main ones I can put definite names to are my great, great grandmother and great, great grandfather whose pictures are also on a pendant I've hung from one of my neck-chains. Oh, and my great, great Uncle Arthur who ran away with a trapeze artist.

I picked up some more frames and mounts yesterday, but here are the first three I've found places for:

Front Room 020515 (1).JPG Front Room 020515 (2).JPG

The lad on the left was already in that frame. The handsome fellow in the middle seems to have become separated from his frame and mount but I managed to match him up with a spare mount and a frame I picked up from the hospice shop. The chap on the motorbike (we think he's an in-law of some sort) is also in a frame from the charity shop.

And finally, here's a better view of the front room floor, taken before the furniture had been moved back in there and after only one coat of varnish:
Front Room 260415.JPG
Tags: architectural heritage, photography, photos, real life, restoration, winning at life
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