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Stevie Carroll

Very Belated EasterCon Report Part One

This year's EasterCon, held at the Park Inn Heathrow, was the 66th, and so designated as Dysprosium.

After an uneventful evening trip down by train, tube and bus, I spent the Thursday evening mostly resting in my room (which was impressively large and comfy as well as being on the ground floor for possibly the first time in my con-going history).

Good Friday was when most other people arrived, and so things didn't really get going until the afternoon, although I managed to catch up with a fair number of people I hadn't seen since previous conventions. The opening ceremony kicked everything off, after which I mostly lurked around the bar and the dealers' rooms until the early evening and A Joy of Steampunk.

I'd been hoping to catch the first half of Professor Elemental's set, but he'd gained a support act in the form of The Dark Room. Taking the form of one of the more frustrating text adventures from computer gaming past, this was immense fun although I had to rush off towards the end to get to the only programme item I'd been volunteered for over the while weekend.

Vote with Your Arse is a game that really has to be experienced to be understood, but we ran it twice over the weekend so plenty of people got to find out about it. dougs and I managed the insanity first time around, and it went pretty well given that we'd not been expecting to organise anything until Saturday night and so had to invent questions on the hoof as it were. Having missed the end of the Prof's set and also having mostly forgotten to eat all day, I decided to give up at that point.

On the Saturday I was awake bright and early as always seems to happen even at cons when I could sleep in and not miss anything. On the other hand, this did mean that I was able to rescue the Prof when it turned out that he was lost and in need of finding both breakfast and his panel in short order. That panel was The Return of the Great British Eccentric. Huzzah! and mostly involved lots of raving about the panelists' and audience members' heroes.

I stayed in the main room for Watching the Detectives in which some of the Guests of Honour and others discussed the fun and problems of writing mystery stories that involve the supernatural or paranormal. Do normal people know what's going on, and if not how is that issue explained away?

Having actually remembered to eat, I returned to the main hall for coth's Fan Guest of Honour account of her life in fandom, which was highly informative and entertaining. I zoomed across the hotel for The Real History of Steampunk and after a short break returned to the same room for Unfortunate Incidents with Balloons and Parachutes which proved that long before the Darwin Awards, people found many daft ways of getting themselves killed.

In the middle of all this lot I ran into an unexpected issue with the barstaff. Much as I like real ale, I tend to drink white wine spritzers at conventions mostly because I can negotiate my way between panels more easily while carrying a smaller glass than a pint glass; however, not only were the temporary barstaff unfamiliar with the concept (and indeed the price they were supposed to be charging me), one of them refused to make any more for me as there was no soda on tap and he refused to do what others on the team had done and stash the remains of an opened bottle of Schwepps under the bar for whoever wanted one next. As I had to rush off to the second round of Vote with Your Arse, I decided too deal with the problem later.

Our game was attended by far more people second timearound, but fortunately blazingskies had joined the team and we had actually though up some questions in advance. Afterwards, Raj took pity on my lack of drink and bought me a pint so we could have a good natter.

And that was the first half of EasterCon 2015. More later...
Tags: eastercon, out and about, real life, winning at life
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