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Very Belated EasterCon Report Part Two

Continuing from where I left off...

On Sunday morning, I rather guiltily collared huntingospray in her role as Hotel Liaison to discuss my issues with the barstaff and white wine spritzers. She obviously got through to people, as I got served and charged consistently for the rest of the con.

Continuing on my way, I arrived at Toys & Collectables at which Herr Doktor and David Howe discussed toys they owned, toys they'd been involved in making, and why exact scale models don't always look like the original.

After that, I moved across to the main hall for Truth, Justice and the Home Office in which the Guests of Honour again discussed the problems of detective stories when the paranormal gets involved.

I decided not to attend the Art Auction, due to it clashing with other things, but left bids on two items I liked. Later on, I discovered that I'd won the larger piece but been outbid on the smaller. Fortunately, other pieces by the same artist hadn't sold, so I picked up one of those instead (and equally fortunately, I had no trouble at all finding someone reasonably local to me with space in their car to transport my larger artwork purchase back to a convenient place from which I could collect it).

Meanwhile, I went off to Herr Doktor's Guest on Honour interview and then onwards to Ivor the Engine vs Thomas the Tank Engine: Fight!. Blantantly, Ivor is superior, but the debate was most entertaining.

I avoided choosing between Putting the Fantasy into History or History into Fantasy and the Tea Duelling by skipping both and going to collect my art auction purchases, but made it to the Worldbuilding Workshop, which could have done with more time to really delve into the specifics of the choices the audience imposed on the panel.

After a bit of a break, I went back to the main hall for the Masquerade, which had some pretty stunning costumes once again. I ducked out of the first half of the disco for an impromptu panel about this year's Hugo Award nominations, which led to a lot of lively debate on what to do about the situation this year and in future years. I honestly meant to go back to the disco afterwards, but kept finding people I wanted to talk to. What I heard of it from a distance sounded good, though, and also a refreshing change from the usual ConDisco fare.

Likewise, I didn't make it to more than a few minutes of the Helsinki 2017 Room Party, which was a little over-busy for my liking, but people seemed to be having a good time there too.

Monday got off to a rather leisurely start, with a presentation on German Steampunk anno 2014. Links to follow, although the mainland Europe convention that looked most tempting was Anno 1900 held in Luxemburg the last weekend of September. One for next year, I suspect.

Continuing on the same theme, Steampunk My Home was suitablt inspiring, but could have done with a much longer slot. Especially if I get to show off my house mods next time around.

Moving onwards, I lurked at the back for 10 years of Doctor Who: Her Doctor, in which options for upcoming regenerations were discussed: including the possibilities that the Doctor had no real reason to be either male or white so long as the actor was suitably awesome.

Finally (more or less), I was back in the main hall for Not for the Squeamish, featuring the awesome-as-ever Dr Bob (who had previously advised me on the best methods for cleaning up random bones for display and the equally entertaining Seanan McGuire amongst others discussing all kinds of fascinating biological and medical facts.

After that, there was just the Closing Ceremony and Dead Dog Party to prepare us all for our return to the real world the following day.

Actually, on the Tuesday, I took my time about returning to the real world, what with meeting interesting new people over breakfast (who turned out to be local to me) and finally getting to speak to MadElf when he wasn't busy with the Satellite 5 table. We definitely need to speak to each other more often.

And that was EasterCon 2015. Roll on 2016, as soon as all the other things I want to go to this year are out of the way.
Tags: eastercon, out and about, real life, winning at life
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