Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Gentle Stroll Round Peveril Castle

On Sunday the 3rd of May, I paid my first visit of 2015 to Peveril Castle in Castleton. The weather had been unpredictable all morning, but when I reached the top of the hill, the view was almost clear apart from a few bits of fog over the higher hills:
Castleton 030515 (1).JPG

The castle was fairly quiet, even allowing for the time of year, so I got in a few shots of the general area:
Castleton 030515 (5).JPG Castleton 030515 (7).JPG

Before walking up to the keep, and also taking some pictures looking down into the valley over the other side:
Castleton 030515 (9).JPG Castleton 030515 (10).JPG

I experimented with the sepia setting on my camera:
Castleton 030515 (12).JPG

As I left, the fog had mostly lifted from Mam Tor:
Castleton 030515 (15).JPG

Off to Castleton again this weekend for the annual Garland (held on Oak Apple Day, except when that falls on a Sunday).
Tags: architectural heritage, inspiration, photos, real life
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