Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Harewood Hillclimb 10th May 2015

Now I'm back Up North, there are lots of things I can do more easily. One of which is going to Harewood Hillclimb.

The second weekend in May 2015 was split into two events: the Harewood Championship and Ferrari and Westfield Championships on Saturday the 9th of May and the British Championship and Ferrari and Westfield Championships on Sunday the 10th of May. I went on the Sunday, and in spite of a longer than anticipated detour to collect my clock, I arrived in time to watch most of the morning runs.

I started my photography of the day off down at Farmhouse Bend:
Harewood 100515 (21).JPG Harewood 100515 (22).JPG

During a short lull in proceedings, I headed down to the Start, taking this picture of Jonathen Varley chatting to Will Hall along the way:
Harewood 100515 (24).JPG

I got some good pictures at the Start:
Harewood 100515 (25).JPG Harewood 100515 (32).JPG

Before moving down to the Esses:
Harewood 100515 (44).JPG Harewood 100515 (53).JPG

On the way back up, I got photos of these two cute cars between Willow and Orchard:
Harewood 100515 (76).JPG Harewood 100515 (79).JPG

At lunchtime, I was joined by Lesley and Anne, and we spent the afternoon sitting up near Quarry with a view down towards Farmhouse:
Harewood 100515 (100).JPG Harewood 100515 (135).JPG

Harewood 100515 (145).JPG Harewood 100515 (156).JPG

Harewood 100515 (173).JPG Harewood 100515 (175).JPG

The event ran a little late due to the Air Ambulance being called to attend an incident in the Paddock, but afterwards we all retired to Lesley and David's house for lots of natter and Chinese takeaway.

Hopefully being Up North also means I get to see more of all the people living round here too.
Tags: motor sport, out and about, photos, real life, winning at life
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