Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Almondbury in May

I first discovered Almondbury in April, when I made a trip to the library to pick up the next book in the Chaloner series to listen to in the car. When I went to return the book, I remembered to take my camera with me. It's a very pretty little village, and I found a useful document about its history over here.

The village has a fair number of pubs, some of which are several centuries old:
Almondbury 230515 (1).JPG Almondbury 230515 (3).JPG

While this fine building is now a Conservative Club and dates from 1631 if the sign by the door is to be believed:
Almondbury 230515 (5).JPG

Then there's the splendidly gothic All Hallows Church (sadly with a ghastly mid 20th Century hall tacked onto the back:
Almondbury 230515 (6).JPG Almondbury 230515 (7).JPG Almondbury 230515 (20).JPG

It also has many gargoyles and carvings:
Almondbury 230515 (23).JPG Almondbury 230515 (24).JPG

And an overgrown garden planted to commemorate the Festival of Britain:
Almondbury 230515 (26).JPG

The village also has a splendid war memorial:
Almondbury 230515 (27).JPG Almondbury 230515 (28).JPG Almondbury 230515 (29).JPG

Next time, I may continue in the other direction after visiting the library, and climb Castle Hill.
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